caliri_janet-collage-for-bread-for-the-journey-iVisible TransitionsTM, is a photographic co-creation to develop resilience, confidence, deepen family harmony, sustain child-like wonder, foster empathy, belonging and compassion. This methodology supports young people and families to navigate life transitions from a place of child-like wonder rather than resistance to what is. Rites of passage have been long lost in America, and life transitions cannot be addressed properly without community. When we have witnesses, the child’s essential sense of identity, belonging and purpose are properly realized. Without this sustainable support, the life change may lead to destructive behavior. With art forms such as photography, youth can easily shift their focus from physical to non-physical world, working in harmony with spirit.  One visually, rather than verbally, discovers ones hidden treasures and understands personal power. Whereby, a feeling of safety in communicating needs, visions and emotions arises.

This twelve-week group program consists of participants, 8-12 girls and boys and ages 12-24 years old.cotati-pwa-rec-ctr

While each individual will create significant value, we will closely follow one youth with videography. This documentation is an educational practicum on reducing stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm that often accompany fundamental life transitions. Amid the 12 weeks, I teach the youth how to easily navigate change by tracking evidence of progress and observing the issue from a place of neutrality and child-like wonder. This personal photographic journey of advancement gives rise to immediate and visible results!

Each individual will capture the following using this photographic technique:

 *  Identify and creatively define type of transition, personal essence nature, values and goals

 *  See the challenge through a new lens (mindset)

 *  Accomplish moving through challenges with more ease, personal power and joy



The $750 grant from Bread for the Journey is being used towards a Scholarship for 6 kids, video editing, advertising/promotion and rental space to hold program.

* If you’d like to contribute to and/or engage in this ground-breaking program, please contact Janet Caliri at * 323.252.0963 * *


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