“I am inspired and recharged with creative self-expression! As a result, my anxiety reduced dramatically.”
– from a 20 y.o. workshop participant

  • Fosters understanding, compassion, empathy, and belonging
  • Promotes peace of mind by minimizing unnecessary attachments and aversions
  • Cultivates present moment tendency (absence of anxiety & depression)
  • Develops deeper trust in life, self confidence and bravery
  • Sustains child-like wonder
  • Develops Effective Communication
  • Supports new neurons by promoting learning
  • Improves conflict Resolution
  • Inspires Spontaneous Cooperation
  • Deepens harmony within family unit
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STav Before After with Mojo
stav community grass

Meet Stav
“Musical Provider for Harmonious Creative Expression”

He’s an Ambassador to Visible Transitions and, drum roll please….our first Mentor!

“I approach life differently. Janet has helped me discover how to meet my needs constructively. In turn, I have become more present, compassionate, pro-active and productive.  Using photography to document my progress supports me to stop and think about the value and intention of each moment.  It has been an amazing experience working with Janet and I am looking forward to more.”

Top 4 Results:

  1. More present
  2. Communicates more effectively
  3. Increased Productivity
  4. Increased Confidence

~ Stav R. – 16.y.o., Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, CA

(c) 2014 Stav Redlich ~ “Soul”



Meet Shea
“High Priestess of Justice and Wisdom”

Shea is an Ambassador to Visible Transitions

“I now often doing things out of my comfort zone and have a deeper trust in life. Visible Transitions has helped me grow into the person I want to become, braver and more confident with myself. Having a visual representation of my progress through photography vastly helps me see how much I’ve grown in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend this enjoyable program to anyone challenged in transition.”

Top 4 Results:

  1. Increased Confidence
  2. Deeper Trust in Life
  3. More Courageous
  4. Follows Intuition

Shea S. – 17 y.o., Russian River Ramparts Independent Study Program, CA

(c) 2014 Shea Sparkman ~ “Transformation of Polarities”transformation of polarities WEB 190555




Community Home and Services, Novato, CA

“We asked Janet Caliri to conduct a seminar series across 6 weeks with some of our program participants who have developmental disabilities as well as other complex special needs. We certainly don’t regret it and we certainly won’t forget it! Recognizing and appreciating each person’s unique depth and potential, Janet created an experience that was both very powerful and very comfortable, and she did so quite elegantly.We highly recommend her, only lamenting that as a verb, “recommend” hardly seems sufficiently dynamic.”


      CHAS group Session 1        Slide24Slide12

A woman I have been working with, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a little over a year ago. She hired me to give her tools to practice being sincerely okay with her situation. That is to say, reducing her focus on and attachment to the cancer ceasing. In our work together, we redirected her focus to decrease frustration, fear, stress, and resistance. Furthermore, her attachment to the way life used to be, held less power.

And guess what all this practice did for her? It resulted in her living fully with increased self- compassion, child-like wonder, thus spending each day with more ease and joy. Her cancer is in remission.



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