How it Works

“Studies show that youth learn and cope better with hands-on activities or through opportunities of collaboration.”

Words help you understand something, but experience allows you to know.

When you embark on the Visible TransitionsTM journey, a photographic methodology I’ve developed over the last 13 years, you experience more ease, joy and personal power in difficult life transitions or while reaching for a goal. You essentially adopt a more effective approach to life changes by being sincerely curious rather than reactive!

Together we co-create the charting of your progress that is often invisible.

This photographic technique is comprised of three essential keys:

Key #1: Sufficient Self-Care (values, needs, emotions)

Key #2: Evidence of Progress

Key #3: Reduction of resistance (aversion) and cravings (attachment)


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The Visible Transitions journey is a guided experience and creative platform that supports safe self-expression while sustaining child-like wonder. Together we co-create this hands-on activity supporting kids to see their value, access emotions or tell a story. As a team, we explore ways to create images that :

– Identify your values, goals, or emotions
– See them through a new lens using photography

Benefits of this Visible Transitions process:
– Neutralize any emotional charge
– Learn to be curious rather than reactive to people and life circumstances
– Increase awareness and be more present
– Go from overwhelm to overjoyed, stress to ease, anxiety to calm

Your images can be literal, symbolic or abstract. You decide!

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The programs are available both privately with individuals as well as in groups/organizations for a period of roughly twelve weeks and are respectively tailored to your needs. Each week we meet for 60-90 minutes in session which includes my innovative life-skills curriculum and a photo-walkabout.  In the end, you create your very own photo journal highlighting the most poignant moments.  It is a solid tool and guide for successful future transitions.

  • Weaving a tapestry, I intersperse coaching tools while documenting valuable moments embodying feelings, emotions and thoughts, forming a solid canvas.
  • When immediate photographic evidence is visible, confidence soars and gives the trauma a rest (trauma arrest.)
  • A personal photographic journey of progress gives rise to immediate and visible results!
  • One visually, rather than verbally, discovers ones hidden treasures and understands personal power.
  • Identifying Essential Energy and Purpose





Visible TransitionsTM offers coping mechanisms for stress. Furthermore, this methodology supports youngsters (not just millennial) to be more present and experience joy, confidence and connection. Whereby they become effective leaders and make sincere contributions.

Please watch Simon Sinek speak about millennial’s in the workplace

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Visible TransitionsTM supports new neurons!

Did you know that youngsters hippocampus is frequently making new neurons? Each new neuron is activated while learning. And the learning is in the moment of taking a picture with intention. Noting the value supports the new neuron. Visible TransitionsTM trains the brain through visuals and clarifying values.  It helps turn information into personally relevant knowledge.

Neuroplasticity: potential of the brain to reorganize by creating new neural pathways to adapt.

* Repetition Value: The more you focus and practice something, the better you become at the new skill/habit.

* A new habit (mindset, pattern, action) takes at least 21 -45 days to create. Using Visible Transitions process can help you reach this goal even faster!

* Seratonin, the self esteem chemical and Dopamine, the reward chemical are both activated each time you click the camera with intention

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Good news here is that one new neuron can maintain integrity whilst altering the older neurons.  The new input to the large number of previously existing neurons can change the way  the group of neurons functions as a whole. This is why changing patterns/habits can be so difficult.

Studies show that youth learn and cope better with hands-on activities or through opportunities of collaboration. Various competencies are utilized to successfully cope with stress: organizational adaptability, human relations, problem solving, and self-confidence.

 Relaxation techniques, managing ‘self-talk,’ focusing, and using support systems are strategies for stress managements.  All of which Visible TransitionsTM provides.

There are four types of Transitions in adolescence. One is BIOLOGICAL, or more popularly known as puberty.  The immediate impact of puberty on the adolescent’s self-image and mood may be very modest, the timing of physical maturation does affect the teen’s social and emotional development in important ways.

Specially designed programs like Visible TransitionsTM, offer greater support for sustained intervention.

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