September 15, 2017 @ 6:30 pm – December 14, 2018 @ 9:30 pm
Sonoma County Healing Academy
6741 Sebastopol Ave #120
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Janet Caliri



PURPOSE:  Igniting your potential through the leadership principle teachings.

MISSION:         To create a solid support group of leaders going in the same direction. Most of us do not live BIG because we do not have the necessary support systems to build upon our purpose or for catching us when we fall. As wise people playing a BIG game, we greatly benefit by utilizing all the resources available. In this dynamic, we have the opportunity to know each other with the notion that ‘those who are most connected to me are available for help. You’ll have massive support to stay the course as well as the group brain to provide different skills and resources. Strengthen mastery of the leadership principles.

ABOUT: This is a fun, safe and compassionate monthly meeting with specific guidelines and structure, one being CONFIDENTIALITY. This creates a safe space for people to share, receive their support or give the necessary feedback. Each individual has an allotted time frame to share accomplishments, set goals and receive constructive feedback. In addition, you’ll apply the tools and principles for the time period in between with the assistance of a Support Buddy.

BONUS:  Simple photographs of head/shoulders are taken in the beginning & every three months to document your internal shifts. Documenting evidence of progress is a visible result reflecting your inner & outer world.  When we are changing, we often can’t see our movement from here to there until we are 100% there.

The goal of Evidence of Progress, is to create a visual representation of your shifts as they are taking place. This helps to keep you motivated and excited, as you share your darkest moments and your wins. You will get to look back and notice the minute shifts that led up to the dramatic improvements/changes you are seeking.

* clue into your patterns

* gaining a new perspective /thoughts about patterns

* becoming a neutral observer

* tangible and creative expression

* visible and gentle view of the truth

* raw transparency (no more persona)

* turn negating into tangible evidence

* points us towards our essence

* helps bring misalignments into alignment

brain-gear-vector_23-2147490207THE VALUE:

  • Feel more FREEDOM by adopting a healthy mindset
  • Renewed sense and attitude about COMMITMENT
  • Taking your PASSION to the NEXT LEVEL
  • Become GROUNDED in your Direction and get clear on your “Life Purpose”
  • STRENGTHEN your RELATIONSHIP with yourself and others both personally and professionally
  • Take complete OWNERSHIP of your life (100% accountable). Ownership is Freedom!
  • Learn to live life in the PRESENT using your past as an OPPORTUNITY. It is how you became your wonderful self today
  • Increase CONFIDENCE
  • COMPASSION for self and others


TIME/LOCATION: SoCoHa in Sebastopol.

6:30-7:00: A simple potluck & social

7:00- 9:30  Diving into goodness

A total of 3 hours of awesomeness!


$108/month including materials, facilitation, “before and after” photos and discounts on other coaching services.

$197/month includes the above, plus focused instruction on tracking your progress using abstract, symbolic and literal photography. My innovative simple and subtle process, “Visible Transitions” producing phenomenal results.

* Options for discounts when paid in full!

ReThrival Leadership Circle

PARTICIPANTS: 6 minimum – 10 maximum. If there is an overflow of participants, I will add another date/slot/time. You must be the age of 18 years or older.


  • Excited about transformation, leadership and living in your passion.
  • Eager to invest a modest amount of money and time with high return on investment.
  • Stoked to participate FULLY
  • Committed to being at causation in your business
  • Ready to step up and claim a life you love full of extraordinary results
  • Courageous enough to experiment this as a lifestyle
  • Passionate about contributing to community

If this is you, please contact Janet Caliri at 323.252.0963 for a brief conversation.