Do you know of a young person who is challenged in a life transition or about to embark on one?

What would your life be like if you and the children you love felt more ease and joy during a difficult life transition?


When you embark on the Visible Transitions journey, a photographic methodology I’ve developed over the last 13 years, you experience more ease and joy in your difficult life transitions. Together we co-create the charting of your progress that is often invisible.


You and your child will decrease anxiety and stress by sustaining child-like wonder, fostering understanding, compassion, empathy, and sense of belonging. You also experience peace of mind by minimizing unnecessary attachments to what is not and resistance to what is


Visible Transitions helps young people and families experience more ease and joy during difficult life transitions. Janet offers Private One-On-One, Interactive Group Workshops, Interactive Speaking Engagements, Seminar Series, Facilitate Training and Design Curricula

Watch Janet LIVE presenting Visible Transitions at the Personal Art of Aging, Sonoma County Section on Aging meeting.


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I hired Janet to support me with my transition after being diagnosed with cancer. In this time I have discovered how to get my intrinsic needs met in a healthy way, and connect to my core essence, feeling confident in overcoming the impossible! Photographic documentation of my recovery process gently grounds me in my truth and offers me a sense of accomplishment. The Visible Transitions program is a reflection of the way I want to live my life – being a source of my choices rather than a victim of them, and as a result, I feel less resistant, thus more accepting of what is.

Jennifer P., Certified Public Accountant, San Francisco, CA

I approach life differently. Janet has helped me discover how to meet my needs constructively. In turn, I have become more present, compassionate, pro-active and productive. Using photography to document my progress supports me to stop and think about the value and intention of each moment. It has been an amazing experience working with Janet and I am looking forward to more.

Stav R. – 16.y.o., Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, CA

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Meet Janet

Janet Caliri effectively supports people who are in a life transition. Her photographic method charts progress, while integrating self-care and non-dual approaches.

She is a human potential practitioner whose mission is igniting human potential. Janet is a former medical professional in cardiovascular interventional radiology, professional photographer, a certified life coach, published author and trained artist teacher for emotionally disturbed and at-risk youth at an award winning non-profit in LA.

Ms. Caliri services the entire bay area and resides in West Sonoma County. She is a practitioner at the Sebastopol Wellness Center and IHI associate of West Sonoma Medical Center.